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The Embodiment Podcast

Sep 14, 2017

This episode eco-psychologist and counsellor Dr Adrian Harris joins Mark to discuss the power of place and the science of this.

Links to relevant sites:

Eco-therapy research:

Bodymind Place:

Eco-psychology UK

Review: 'The Body Knows Its Mind. The surprising power of the physical environment to influence how you think and feel'.

(Recommended book I mentioned in podcast - includes reference to the research literally thinking 'outside the box’):

A Brief Guide to Embodied Cognition: Why You Are Not Your Brain (good introduction to Lakoff and Johnson, whose work I mentioned in podcast):

Embodied Situated Cognition (more academic notes on Lakoff and Johnson, Clark etc. all mentioned in Pod cast):

Richard Louv - 'Last Child in the Woods':

I'm not sure if you think it's relevant, but this is my latest site: