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The Embodiment Podcast

Apr 8, 2020

Ethical marketing teacher George joins me to discuss authentic marketing, alignment rather than convincing, marketing and calling, interruption marketing, “clean marketing”, how do you know if you’re authentic, refunds, crisis advice. An incredibly useful fast paced one.

Apr 7, 2020

Mark talks about his new project - COVID Calm a free stress management hot-line for healthcare workers. More info:

Also some new online events and free resources below.

Apr 4, 2020

Philip Shepherd, Frey Faust, Rachel Blackman, Adam Wilder, Alexandra Vilvovskya, join me for another wonderful talk. We discuss lock down conditions, the rhythm of the virus, “saving the world”, authority and civil liberties, government responses, the end of narcissism, crisis as initiation, consumerism, invisible...

Mar 31, 2020

Tantra and intimacy teacher Chris joins me to discuss intimacy during the viral crisis. She gives us all some top tips on clear communication, pausing, NVC, separation and merging, sexual polarity, house dates, making time, surrender vs. victimhood, ways to improve and spice up your lock down sex life, levels of sex,...

Mar 28, 2020

Movement Medicine teacher Kristin joins me to talk conscious dance, activism, dance and emotions, expressing vs just practicing anger, interoception, “healing”, archetypes, the tensions between the various purposes of dance, boundaries, shouting, Switzerland, community building and bum feeling!