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The Embodiment Podcast

Host Mark Walsh and guest hosts offer a weekly podcast for everyone who is interested in Embodiment and the body. The podcast contains in-depth explorations of embodiment topics with expert guests from around the globe. Diverse speakers and practitioners of embodied areas such as academia, yoga, meditation, martial arts, psychology, medical, somatic, therapy, dance, and bodywork. The podcast is full of practical tips and experiential exercises.

Apr 13, 2024

This session will focus on strategies that can help when dealing with spiritual crises, emergencies and difficulties in ourselves and others. More information about Daniel Ingram’s work  -

Want to become a certified embodiment coach? More details about CEC - 

Apr 10, 2024

Marketing coach Jonah joins me to talk NVC, rebranding marketing, what unethical marketing is, urgency and early birds, guilt, marketing as responsibility, is inner work worth it, IFS, what works in social media, “garbage posting”, is social media harmful, and done good wellbeing advice. Useful if you use socials...

Apr 8, 2024

Here is a way out of people-pleasing. 

The first step is becoming aware of where people-pleasing shows up in your life. 

On The People Pleaser's Detox: three days to cleanse unwanted yeses, you’ll discover the different ways you people-please, engage in embodiment practices to gain insights into these behaviours, and...

Apr 3, 2024

A special episode where 4 of my mentees join from around the world to discuss embodied education, coaching, culture and more. A bit different this one, and I think a different kind of learning that the usual episodes.


Want to become a certified embodiment coach? More details about CEC - 

Mar 29, 2024

Humanitarian aid consultant and embodiment coach Tania joins me to talk aid work, what it is, some criticisms, Ukraine, reverse culture shock, saviour complexes, mental health issues, trauma, resilience, self care, Sane Ukraine, humanitarian embodiment, and how to “package” the message. A useful one for anyone...