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The Embodiment Podcast

Nov 21, 2020

Russian martial arts teacher Vladimir joins me to discuss Systema, health, aikido, fear, fight and flight, breathing, community, family and context, 911, fighting evil, post COVID fighting, protesting and more. A lovely vibrant one.

Nov 18, 2020

Founder of Inner Kids mindful living for busy families, Susan Kaiser Greenland joins Allison Lindsay to discuss helping children to be mindful in school and at home, developmentally appropriate mindfulness practices for children of all ages, compassion, appreciation and attention skills building through mindfulness,...

Nov 14, 2020

Authentic relating and community consultant Sara joins me to discuss communication, conflict, money, relationship, Circling, Authentic Relating, “translating”, verbal aikido, systemic vs relational problems, “elephants”, liking and belonging and more. A good annoying one.

Nov 11, 2020

Founder of trauma sensitive Mindful Martial Arts joins me to talk Pride, bad break ups, the intimacy of combat, BJJ, obsession, conflict resolution, trauma bonding, windows of tolerance, healing and safety, what a trauma sensitive MMA looks like.

Nov 5, 2020

Anatomist Gil Hedley joins me to discuss what makes anatomy interesting, somanaut, objective vs. experiential anatomy, regional vs. integral anatomy, Tom Myers, nouns vs. verbs, humbling, nobody is not the standard, variation, cutting up celebrities, charisma, FUZZZZ, “rebranding” the body and more. A pleasure...