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The Embodiment Podcast

Sep 29, 2022

Dance movement therapist Erica joins me to discuss her new book, potential, body positivity, mental ill-health, instability, cancel culture, and some really practical tools.

More of a chat than an interview, but a good one on the nature of our times.

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Erica Hornthal, a licensed clinical professional counselor and board-certified dance/movement therapist, is the CEO and founder of Chicago Dance Therapy. Known as the “Therapist Who Moves You,” Erica has truly changed the way people see movement with regard to mental health; moving people toward unlimited potential, greater awareness, and purpose by tapping into their innate body wisdom. Erica is the author of Body Aware: Rediscover Your Mind-Body Connection, Stop Feeling Stuck, and Improve Your Mental Health through Simple Movement Practices.