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The Embodiment Podcast

Host Mark Walsh and guest hosts offer a weekly podcast for everyone who is interested in Embodiment and the body. The podcast contains in-depth explorations of embodiment topics with expert guests from around the globe. Diverse speakers and practitioners of embodied areas such as academia, yoga, meditation, martial arts, psychology, medical, somatic, therapy, dance, and bodywork. The podcast is full of practical tips and experiential exercises.

Nov 18, 2020

Founder of Inner Kids mindful living for busy families, Susan Kaiser Greenland joins Allison Lindsay to discuss helping children to be mindful in school and at home, developmentally appropriate mindfulness practices for children of all ages, compassion, appreciation and attention skills building through mindfulness, family based practice, getting present with and tuned in to your child, integrating mindfulness into your family’s daily life through moments of awareness, ritual and mindful interruptions.