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The Embodiment Podcast

Nov 17, 2018

Founder of The Minded Institute Heather Mason joins me for some yoga science geekery! She describes her own path from having mental health issues, though academia to teaching mindfulness and meditation. We discuss, find there is no one Buddhist way, becoming focused on the evidence base for yoga and supportive neuroscience. She overviews the research on yoga, GABA, brain chemistry and yoga, neuro-plasticity, outlines some of the most interesting yoga studies, we look at what is it in “yoga” that’s really helpful, what is actually useful in chanting “Om”, social anxiety, Stephen Porges, cherry picking, the psychological dangers of mindfulness, picking a yoga style, is it just mindful movement, integration into healthcare, yoga in education, prisons and corporates, monks in The House of Lords, the potential disempowerment of buying into the scientific approach and using science as skilful means. If Mr Spock did yoga he’d like this episode.